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Comfort Foods: Risk to Remedy

Transform Comfort Foods from a Risk to Remedy With Ketogenic Prebiotic Ingredients

Multiple lines of evidence support combining low carbohydrate or even ketogenic foods with substantial prebiotics as a pattern of eating for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, obesity and related non-communicable disease risks. Synergy between low carb and high fibre is to be expected because of the distinctly separate biological mechanisms involved:

1. Removal of high glycemic carbohydrate (HGCarb) and in turn postprandial hyperglycemia and hyper-insulinemia.

2. Replacing HGCarb with prebiotic fibre, which has become chronically deficient yet, essential for microbiome diversity, gut health, immune regulation, energy homeostasis, short chain fatty acid production and regulation of incretins (ghrelin, CCK, GLP1 & PYY).

The harmful consequences of a diet consisting mainly of starch and sugar are becoming well known but the wider metabolic benefits of replacing them with fibre and pre-biotics is exciting new science becoming increasingly recognized in light of the microbiome revolution.

Huge changes in macronutrient intake can be achieved just switching daily consumption of a staple such as bread or chapatis from whole wheat flour to Fiberflour: