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Opposing glycemic response Vs prebiotic fibre in daily staples?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Food as medicine is one thing but pizza as medicine is another thing altogether. The most addictive, popular junk food! a vehicle for health transformation? Tell me more.

We have a range of flour and sugar substitutes that can be used to seamlessly modify the glycemic response relative to the prebiotic properties of every day favorite foods. Compliance issues for dietary changes is always a concern. So, accomplishing all these things with, for example your favorite pizza is a win-win, no?

Why you might recommend controlling carb to fibre ratio

Carb Cycling

· reduce body fat to improve strength to weight ratio,

· improve mitochondrial function,

· increase metabolic flexibility and

· endurance through fat adaption

· while providing carbs at appropriate times before competition.

Adverse effects of spiking blood glucose and insulin levels

· Increased fat storage and hunger

· Suppression of macrophage phagocytic activity which involves recycling 4 million dead cells every second!

· Suppression of mitochondrial function and mitophagy.

Prebiotic Fibre?

· The Role of the Gut in Everything, from fatigue, motivation, energy levels, injury recovery, immunity, resistance to infection, etc., etc.

· It is mind boggling to realize that the gut lining has the surface area of a tennis court. The colonic epithelial cells live for just 3 days and 10 billion cells must be generated every day. The energy for this prodigious task comes from short chain fatty acids produced bacterial breakdown of fibre.

· SCFA regulates GLP1 secretion with widespread effects on metabolism & ↓appetite

· SCFA in gut barrier function related inflammation, sickness behaviour and fatigue



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