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Achieve clinical outcomes with dietary interventions

We partner with clinics and specialists in promoting sustainable weight loss, reducing medication dependency, and lowering HbA1c

the old approach

1. Prescribe patients with diabetic pills and advise them to cut out the carbohydrates and reduce their sugar intake in order to improve their blood sugar control


2. Hope

3. Check in annually or bi-annually to ensure glucose levels haven't spiked

4. Prescribe accordingly

5. Hope

6. Rinse and repeat

1. Refer patients to the Lonjevity Functional Foods program

2. Rest assured that patients will learn the basics of a low carb diet from a structured online curriculum in combination with regular deliveries of Lonjevity Functional Foods (includes our flour and sugar substitutes) which enable patients to transform the unhealthy comfort foods they're used to into therapeutic, life-enhancing alternatives.

3. Patients will be able to connect with our community to find support and share tips in a positive, moderated environment.

4. We're available 24/7 to answer patients' questions, help them form habits, and keep them accountable.

the new approach

extend your practice

We deliver clinically proven results based on decades of research on metabolic health and cell signaling.

Evidence-based alternative

We extend your practice, handling the patient education and delivery of the real ingredients required for diabetes reversal.

A consulting specialist

A practical solution

In order to deliver truly outstanding clinical outcomes, we need to operate within a patient's norms and food culture. A practical solution that meets them halfway. 

Testimonial Kesar Sadhra Still

Dr. Kesar Sedhra
GP at Manor Park Medical Centre

"Theoretically, it is all well and good to tell a diabetic to give up carbohydrates in order to improve their blood sugar control. In reality, many people simply cannot bring themselves to give up the foods they are so used to eating. In many cases, low-carb alternatives to popular foods can help soften the blow...Bread and chapattis can be made using flour with a lower glycaemic index, such as Fiberflour, and whilst these still cause in increase in blood sugar, it is modest compared to normal white and brown breads."

Type 2 Diabetes and South Asians – Achieving Results with Dietary Interventions


Clive Sparke

"I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic three years ago after being subjected to a year long  course of steroids to combat a form of pneumonia that I had prior to heart valve replacement.. I have since adopted a very low carbohydrate diet and my blood sugars have been controlled and managed with little difficulty.

The main culprits for me were bread, rice, pasta and potato. I miss bread more than anything and, until now, had not found a replacement. It is a real luxury to enjoy bread made with FiberFlour."

Surjit Chaggar

"My doctor sent me to a dietician and hospital, but he also prescribed me pills. I was on two tablets a day. I went to the dietician but it didn’t help. The chapatis were raising my sugar levels. I was willing to try anything at this point. In the past I tried different diets...salads, etc. But with FiberFlour I could still eat the curries that I love.

Before my sugar level would shoot up between 9-11 and now it remains within 6-7 even after eating two chapatis. It started working after about 2 weeks. In the third week I saw a lot of change."

get started

Learn more about the Lonjevity Functional Foods program, the science behind the food, and how you can extend your practice to help reverse diabetes by referring patients to the program. 

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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