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Don't give up the foods you love.

we replace the starches and sugars in your diet with fibers and superfoods so you don't have to.

4x the fiber, 1/4 the carbs, all the taste.


Whole Wheat Flour







Net carbs

0   10   20   30  40   50  60   70   80  90  100

PER 100G

This is the first time I have ever reviewed a product and can't think of a better one to choose to do so. Nothing will ever replace wheat flour for bread, cakes, etc., but this comes oh so close...As far as this type 2 diabetic in remission is concerned Fiberflour is a great discovery.

- Frankie, customer

The best low carb/high fibre product I have tried to date and I have tried many. I love the ultra-fine lour for pasta as many o the low carb pastas on the market are like rubber. The flour is brilliant alternative or all baked goods/pastries and pasta and my teenagers preer this to 'normal bread' - win win. 

- Jackie, customer

This is simply an amazing product. I live a Keto life style, and this product is a lifesaver as I am not partial to coconut, or almond flour...I have checked my blood sugar after eating this and it is not affected, oh Joy! All in all, very happy about this product. Thanks.

- Joy, customer


Simply made.


source of betaglucan, a soluble fiber with prebiotics and cholesterol-lowering health claims


source of protein, polyphenol ligans and several soluble fibers and prebiotics

oat bran

flax seed

Nutritional Information

per 100g

Energy                     340kcal / 1422kJ

Fat                                   11g

    of which saturates                                          0.5g

Carbs                                15g

    of which sugars                                                1g

Fiber                                42g

Protein                              23g

Primary ingredients

Oat bran & Linseed

Stable insulin and glucose levels
Stay full longer
Ideal for low carb dieters and diabetics

Carb to fiber ratio*





Whole wheat flour


Whole grain rice

White flour

White rice


0   10   20   30  40   50  60   70   80  90  100

*A low carb-to-fiber ratio is a hallmark of healthy food. Low energy, high nutrient content reduces hunger and voluntary food intake.

We believe that food should be functional . . . and enjoyable.

Don't give up the foods you love.

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