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Some messages from customers


Hello Gary


Thank you for your email and clarification. Yes thank you , I do use erythritol when I need to but much prefer your fibre sugar. Your products are being used to manage diabetes. I can attest that the formula I use, together with your products, have been the mainstay in keeping my blood sugars stable over the past 4 years so much so that my Hb1A1c has been reduced to being checked yearly as opposed to three monthly with the view of reducing my medication. My father who is 92 is also a diabetic and his levels are also stable. I must be doing something right .   


I use your products in conjunction with store cupboard staples. From sour dough starter, to soft bread rolls, bread machine bread, fruit buns/bread, cakes, scones, pasta, pancakes and everything in between. I read a comment on your site where it said that the important thing is to manage the carb/fibre ratio when managing glucose levels, this is very true and that is why, with a lot of trial and tribulation, I have managed to do just that by using your products to bring the carb count down to an acceptable level for us. The aim is to make simple recipes using simple ingredients that are not too complicated.


It would be my absolute pleasure to talk with you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your research and taking the steps to put together a product which actually works. I was terrified when I was diagnosed 4 years ago it is down to your hard work and research which went a long way in helping me to, not only come to terms with the condition, but to manage it whilst still enjoying my cultural and personal favourite meals.


Thank you.


Kind Regards and keep safe 



As an interventional cardiologist I treat many patients with some of the most life threatening complications of diabetes, heart artery blockages and heart attacks. My world was rocked when I too got the diagnosis of diabetes. I was determined not to end up a patient on my own operating table and I was resolute in the reversal my diabetes. I used continuous glucose monitoring to study the impact of every meal I ate on my blood glucose. It quickly emerged that eating a carbohydrate meal would spike my blood glucose just as effectively as sugar itself. I followed a low carbohydrate diet  and year later I was 2 stone lighter and my long term blood sugar (HbA1c) was back in the normal range.


The hardest thing to give up was bread and other baked goods. Another cardiologist friend of mine put me on to FibreFlour. Not only is it much lower in carbohydrate than normal flour it has a very high fibre content which significantly slows the absorption of the carbohydrate into the bloodstream. Not having any baking talent myself I was unable to turn this specialist flour into a successful loaf. I was therefore delighted to hear that Hill’s Bakery, near me in Hale has taken on the task professionally and agreed to test their products on my own blood sugar responses.


The graphs below show the effects of the same weight of sliced white bread, 100% FibreFlour Cob and the 50% Fibreflour multigrain. The sliced white produced a sharp spike in blood glucose as I expected and readers should note that this was a lot worse when I was first diagnosed. With the 100% Fibreflour Cob there was little to no response and the taste (after not having had bread for a year) was very acceptable, especially when lightly toasted. It should satisfy any keto-dieter. The 50% Fiberflour multigrain was however manna from heaven, light and fluffy in a way I thought I would never experience again. The slight rise in blood glucose for me was well worth it and a considerably healthier and equally palatable alternative to normal bread. Forget your toilet rolls, I will be clearing the shelves of this!

Saqib Chowdhary

Fiberflour is a brilliant change to our diet, it’s high fibre, high protein composition keeps carbs and blood sugar low and provides a great addition to our vegan diet . It also helps with my low carb weight loss diet. All our baked goods, bread, buns, pizza , pastry are now made of fiberflour and kept ready in the freezer . The flour is so close to wheat flour in baked goods, yet significantly healthier on many dimensions.

susan lawrence


 We had some of your ultrafine fibre flour a while ago and made pastry and we were very impressed – it seemed a bit “too good to be true” so we were a bit wary of having too much. Recently I was looking at your website and ordered both flours - I have just made my first loaf of bread in the bread maker – It’s truly amazing – I’m actually a little scared to eat it as it’s so good I just cannot believe its low carb.

 This is going to be life changing – I adopted a low carb eating plan due to health issues and after attending a retreat almost 3 years back – my health has improved tremendously but I have missed bread and other baked goods so much – I’ve experimented with Almond flour, psyllium, flax, coconut flour etc but nothing has come close to the taste of real bread. I’ve also been focussing much more on gut health too so the fact that the fibreflour helps with that too is just perfect.

 I just wanted to say thankyou and good luck with your campaign to improve health.

 Best wishes


Hi Gerry,
thank you for messaging, that’s no problem, they are going in the freezer anyway. Yes, I’ve had them before, they are delicious.
I do keto to control diabetes, just 15g carbs a day. My granddaughter does keto to control epilepsy on 20g carbs a day. I make my own very low carb bread but I enjoy one of your rolls occasionally as a treat. I love sourdough bread and your rolls are as good as any non low carb roll if not better than many. I just have to be careful not to get carried away with them! They are great for the family because there are 2 keto and 2 non keto and we all enjoy them the same.
I also buy your flour for baking. I find fibreflour  not quite low enough in carbs for a diet as strict as mine, to use freely,  but it’s certainly the best low carb flour I’ve come across. It helps to stick to keto whilst being able to make treats for the whole family that they don’t feel is a compromise.

My husband has recently started following a Keto/low carb diet. I came across your flour on amazon whilst trying to adapt recipes.   I thought it was great, so much easier to use than almond & coconut flour & much tastier. 

We especially love your recipe for blueberry muffins 😋

Best wishes,  Melisa 


Hi Sir,

I’m a nutrition biologist, I use to suggest low carb food intake to my Diabetic patients and to those who want to loose weight. I tried the Ultra fine Fiber flour for myself and my husband, willing to loose a few kilos, I bought It by amazon and it was a good product and a valid substitute for any recipe I made, easily replacing common flour. So I decided to order It from your site. I’ll do pizza, bread, cakes and cookies for us. Unfortunately it is still too expensive and the expedition fees do not help.

Regards,  Paola


So kind of you.


Can see it’s a family business, with you responding to customer queries so promptly and at the weekend….

Have already recommended Lonjevity’s Flour to 2 families and Amazon orders have already been placed, will continue to let people know of our positive experiences.

Kindest Regards



Hi Gerry, 


Thanks for a quick response! 


I’m actually in social science so perhaps you wouldn’t be too interested in my research. I’m currently working on a paper from it that discusses the (quite scathing) critiques former advocates for the movement receive when they make a decision to lose weight. According to my teaching portfolio I am a criminologist though so imagine that’s where I will end up once the universities start hiring again! 


My dad’s research on the other hand, I imagine you’d be much more interested in. He’s quite ‘googleable’ but he’s Prof. Glenn Gibson. I probably don’t have the language to talk about what he does in any great detail but from what I gather it’s largely gut health and prebiotics! 


Thank you for the discount! Will order directly from you in future. It really is a wonderful product for those of us who love to bake and be satiated/satisfied but are concerned about metabolic health too! 


Best wishes, 




Started trying keto diet about 7mnths ago. Really like it but miss bread so much. I think my wife read online about fibre flour and bought a bag which made some great pancakes and flatbreads. I saw a recipe with ultrafine and now make a soft white loaf every 3 or 4 days.

I do love it (although like most people, I'm guessing, wish it was a bit cheaper). 

Many thanks,



Hi Cambria & Gerry :) 

Just got your email asking for feedback :) 

I first came across your products on amazon, I bought a bag of fiberflour because I follow a low carb way of eating to help me lose weight and thought it would be a good way of still being able to have some bread products in my life. 
I visited your site to find ideas/recipes for the flour :)
So far I have made some rolls and a pizza base - both were delicious and certainly helped with satiety. 
I am hoping to continue to use your flour, the only issue being I am a single parent on a part time wage so I can't afford to purchase it quite as often as I would like to.  



I really love Fibreflour it's a complete game changer to me staying and succeeding on a low carb diet. I just need loads of recipes as I bake a lot. Regards Tina



I have been a big believer in a lower carbohydrate/high fibre diet for a long time, with a husband who was on the threshold of type 2 diabetes.

I am a keen baker & frustrated by the limitations of almond & coconut flour I went exploring on Google! Your product is a revelation & a joy to bake with, pastry, pasta & pizza taste just as they should.
All the best,

Rose Matthews


Hi Gerry


Thanks for your email.


I have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and as a result have gained weight and not lost any of the thyroid  weight I gained despite being on thyroxine and my levels being stable. I eat healthily and exercise regularly so not getting back to how I was pre hypo is very depressing. 


The only way to lose weight for me is to adhere to a lower carb eating plan (not keto) and even with this plan my weight will only stabilise and on the odd occasion I will lose a pound or two. 


When I have eaten ‘normally’ and not counted carbs and with only counting calories I actually put on weight despite my calorie intake being 1250 - 1500 per day with exercise.  


Your flour is brilliant as it allows me to have bread, chapatis, biscuits, pasta a few times per week. I like that it does not have that bloating effect. I find the flour to be very versatile and flavour wise it does not overpower the recipe like almond and coconut flour can. 


It is simply brilliant for people like me who are carb sensitive,  and due to an autoimmune disease is susceptible to other conditions that could have a detrimental affect on their health. 





Hi Gerry,

That’s lovely. Thank you for answering me. 

We are in Northern Ireland (Newry to be exact). I was looking on Amazon (frantically looking I must add) for a Keto or Low Carb flour that tasted good. Not like cardboard, not like sand, not overly fatty, and that it didn't contain Psyllium Husk because I must assuredly find its taste detestable (sorry if I’m being unlikeable right now btw). Also, I wanted my children to eat it, find it at least "nice" and be healthy for all our family overall.
I bought and tried loads of stuff out there… It was so tiring (and expensive!). Yet (just before loosing hope), searching around found your flour. I sent some questions to you on facebook and then bought it. I was happy because it didn't contain any husk, so I was excited. 
I guess you have heard it all before, but the taste… oh wow… LOVELY!! It was like having wholegrain bread in a very long time and we so missed it! My kids loved it too (they are not into any especial diet but they are very picky eaters). I immediately ordered some more (after baking bread and having the whole packet disappear in a day) and just last weekend baked bread and delivered it to one “fully committed Keto" customer. She loved it and plans to order more. 

We do cultured bake goods (sourdough breads, desserts, pastas), and we wanted to start selling low-carb, keto  bake goods too. We truly love how versatile this flour is and believe we could make so much more with it and help people that like me, were struggling to find some decent low carb product out there.

We are planning to buy more flour at the end of the month, hence my earlier question. 


Kind Regards,


Zilka Gerritsen




I try to eat low carb and can do without most like rice and pasta but find life without bread really tricky!

I scoured around various websites and found your flour.

I like to support small businesses where I can, I have a subscription from Amazon every month for a bag of fiberflour but would happily change this to direct from you if it helps your business, just let me know if you do a subscription. 

Your flour has made the most authentic tasting bread I have tried on low carb even if it isn’t low enough for the purists!!


I hope that helps,


Jo Jordan


Thanks Gerry, I have just ordered two bags.


And thank you for the extra info too, fiberflour is so much nicer than almond flour, the texture that psyllium husk adds to it is really quite unpleasant also.

I would be interested in hearing about the affiliate program and although unlikely to generate customers, I will be recommending your product , what I like is that I don’t have to add a load of spurious ingredients to get a bread unlike keto king or diet doctor keto bread.

 A reward program for regular customers would be great as it is an expensive way of making bread but I am sure the production process is not cheap either.

I am very pleased to have found fiberflour, it’s lovely to have marmite on toast again!






I'm an osteopath and Nutritional Therapist. Love your products - use them myself and recommend them to patients. Found them on YouTube initially. Absolutely brilliant - thank you...

Margaret Papoutsis 



I filled in your medical questionnaire, so you have my details. Type 2 diabetic since 2005. Decide I needed to take more control. Moved to a low carb, exercise regime and lost 10 lbs. I already was a good weight,BMI , and had halved my metformin, reducing blood sugars HbA1c from 9.6 to 6.5. 

Wanted more but struggled with evening hunger and dawn effect sugars. 

Apple cider vinegar appears to help the latter, but high protein diet needs a lot of eating, often processed meats etc. 

Your bread is a godsend, can feel full, add to fibre. My daily blood monitoring shows a further improvement. I suspect I’m now prediabetic , bordering on normal but will need to get that confirmed. Found it on the web. 

Your  bread didnt really rise unless all fibre flours used, no room for normal flour as any element. 

Uses more yeast than I expected. Your yeast option is welcome but the size is too big for storage. I already have the larger flour bags from you. 


I will experiment with wider recipes. In the meantime the bread is great. I simply can’t look at carbs without my sugars going nuts. Took me a long time to work it out but getting there. It is not easy, So the bread is a link to normality. 


It’s not cheap, per loaf , but the true cost is comparison to protein foods not necessary, rather than normal bread. 





I’ve been on a Keto diet for just over a year (apart from a couple of spectacular falls of the low carb wagon) However I so missed my husband’s  home made bread. I found your fibre flour on Amazon and then on the packet was your website. 

The bread is the nearest to my wholemeal bread even if it doesn’t taste exactly like it and I’ve tried out some of the other recipes. 




Just took delivery of my yeast order. Thanks. At a time when service from some mail order companies is poor, to say the least, it’s great to get a quick, efficient turn round. The little free samples are nice touch. Much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jim Lyle


Good morning I’m reaching out as I am a regular user of your products. I was put on and following a Ketogenic diet for health reasons & to keep me on track I post regularly on my instagram page with all my recipe ideas and photos of products I use . I have got up to 1100 followers In a few weeks & id like to keep it growing & I would like to advertise your products with my recipes in for a return of a sponsorship deal . I.e a few products a month to help me supplement my recipes and also promote you and your branding.


Look forward to hearing from you 


Kind regards



I try to follow a Keto diet, and I was researching low carb flours for baking. I tend to do a lot of online research.

There are some low carb/keto friendly goods out for purchase. However most are either to high in net carbs, cost to much, or are so chewy or dry I either have a sore jaw or am parched.

 Your site caught my interest, and I learned more about keto baking. I an hoping to start making my own keto bread and cookie bars in the near future. Your site was very helpful. Thank you. Best of luck on growing your business. Will keep your site in mind when looking to start my baking.



I was looking for oat fibre and your fibre flour came up on Amazon.  After I’d used it a couple of times I looked to see where else it was available.

I constantly look for low sugar and carb alternatives to usual foods.

  Low carb bread that could actually pass for ‘normal’ bread is the Holy Grail.  I’m still working on it.  (I’m finding a mix of 80% fibre flour and 20% strong white wheat flour gives a good result, but obviously higher carb value than I really want.)

I lost 4 stone last year, and reversed newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes, which runs strongly in my family.  I did it by means of low carb, plus a bit of time restricted eating.  During the lockdown period I have regained around half a stone, which is unwelcome!

Unfortunately, I do love all the things that I know are bad for me (bread, potatoes, pastry, cake), so it’s a constant battle and I don’t always win.  But I know I have to keep at it because diabetes is waiting in the wings.

One last thing.  I tried to post on the forum, but although I was able to register, I wasn’t able to post a comment.  I’ve tried Safari and Google Chrome without success.  I use apple devices exclusively, and it seems your website doesn’t like them!  It would be great if you could sort that out.


Hello, Gerry, thanks for the email. Re subscribing, to explain. I am a Type 1 diabetic (since 2007) and have been low carbing since discovering that 'normal' food didn't help with BG control. Standard NHS dietetic advice is ludicrous, IMHO. I have been playing around with low carb recipes for years for bread and  scones with mixed results. Nothing can quite equal the texture and flavour of wheat flour baked bread although I have come close at times. Enter Fiberfour! I have not done much yet: one bake of bread and one of scones. The bread didn't rise all that well. Neither did the scones but the baking powder was old and not working properly. Taste OK, though. Both will be tried again. There are other recipes I will try out once I've got the above two sorted. Carrot cake, for one and not all smeared with icing like some recipes ask for! Apple tarts is another although I do quite well using almond flour. Even so, will try in due course using Fiberflour

So I've got to say the jury's out for the moment but looking forward to the next bake. Comment useful, I hope,  Regards Alan Oatey




I am type 2 diabetic and have been a low carb eater on and off for a few years. The common issue faced is finding a bread replacement for those quick breakfasts or carry out sandwiches on the go. I first heard about your fibre flour when I saw an article from a medical Doctor where your flour had been used by a local bakery to make & sell ready made loaves but unfortunately the bakery doing it is too far away to make a visit worthwhile. It is possibly prohibitively expensive too. I purchased a bag of the coarser flour (the only one that was available) from amazon (where I also saw a good review) and have given it to my son in law, the family ‘baker’, to see what low carb sweet treats he can conjure up, possibly brownies, scones or similar. The lock down has prevented progress on that to date. 

I know from subsequently visiting your site that you also do a finer flour that presumably would be better for sponge cakes. If I recall correctly the flours are very low net carbs comparatively so could be very helpful in providing wider choices for folk like me who need to avoid spiking their insulin. 

Having not tried it yet I’m not sure how closely it compares in baking to standard wheat flours in taste and texture but I do look forward to trying it. If it can be used as a direct replacement for plain white flour it would be perfect (Along with sweetener as a substitute for sugar of course!) there is only so much one can do with almond and coconut flours. 

Best regards




hello, we are a family of 4 from the south of france and we eat low carb, we use your flour for bread, cake etc.

with fiberflour we make bread and with ultrafine fiber we make cakes, pancakes, cookies, etc.

we no longer consume any other flour than yours, we are even close to making our own pasta, your flour saved our lives because we found no flour with low carbohydrate content if it tastes similar to wheat! thank you ;


Hello Gerry & Cambria,


Happy to provide some feedback. Perhaps I should start with my details. I am 58 and have been a type 1 diabetic for 50 years. In the past 6 or so years I have had a number of health issues which culminated in having to retire early. During this period, whilst various issues were identified and treatments agreed, I have also had some significant weight gain (140 kgs at my heaviest - I am 5’ 10”). A couple of years ago I started getting some help from the dietician at my local diabetes centre and she put me onto a reduction in carbohydrates. This started to work and in consultation with my diabetic specialist I have reduced my carbohydrate levels to a bare minimum. The weight continues to decrease (currently 108 kgs), my Hbao1c is greatly improved as is my cholesterol level and kidney function and I am taking a fraction of the insulin I used to take. As someone who has been interested in cooking and baking I am always on the look out for new recipes with low carbs. There are plenty such keto type sites on the web - mainly American but easy to convert to what’s available in the UK. I have had an education in the use of nut flours, whey protein, gluten protein, flax seed, inulin, physillium husk and any number of alcohol/natural sugar substitutes, all of which I had no idea even existed. Experiments have had mixed results but a good outcome immediately goes into the recipe collection. Whilst reading some online keto recipes I came across one for sausage rolls. This interested me as I have had sone very mixed results trying to make pastry from almond flour and I wondered how you make any kind of puff pastry which requires layering. It didn’t seem possible due to the extremely delicate nature of an almond based pastry. Anyway as I read through, I found they had used Fiberflour so I needed to try this myself. I was delighted to find that it was available in the UK and originally bought a kilo of the normal flour. I have recently bought a couple of kilos of the ultrafine flour. I have yet to make the puff pastry but I write to you after enjoying my first lasagne in 2 years. Who knew you could make pasta that doesn’t spike your blood sugar. You cannot begin to understand the pleasure this has brought unless you’ve previously tried that fake pasta made from Konjac! I can’t believe that there aren’t a mass of recipes out there using this product. Perhaps the serious Keto cooks want to stick to zero carbs but I am more than happy to deal with 10g of carbs per 100g flour. 


As I mentioned, I have been a type 1 diabetic for 50 years so have seen a huge number of changes in the way the disease is managed. That said I am still shocked that it has taken until a couple of years ago for someone to suggest cutting out the carbs - I did a Dafne course a long time ago where they taught you how to count carbs and adjust insulin dosages but even then there was no suggestion to try and minimise insulin intake. I understand now, from my consultant, that insulin can encourage fat storage and subsequent weight gain and therefore it seems obvious that reducing carbs and insulin dosage is the way to go. I am not sure this type of pathway is generally agreed amongst diabetic specialists in the UK but it is working for me.


I look forward to further experiments with the fiberflour. I’ve yet to master the bread but only had one go so far with the original flour and it came out a bit dense. 


A minor issue with my recent delivery just for info. The bottom of one of the bags didn’t seem to be properly sealed and a tiny bit of flour had escaped into the outer box. Nothing major and it could easily have happened with a bit of rough treatment in transit but I thought you’d like to know in case there has been any other issues with the bag sealing process. I attach a photo for clarity.


Keep up the good work,


Neale Molyneux 


Responses to Feedback Requests

55 happy, 1 unhappy, 3 neutral

I   Unhappy was because package was damaged during transport

3 neutral:

  1. unable to order in USA,

  2. packaging issue,

  3. no comments given

All our other comments have been very favourable:

Great product. Quick delivery. Just need to get it more out there and people will love it.

Submitted on Monday, July 6, 2020 5:11 AM


I made Earl Grey tea cake with fine fibre flour and I also made focaccia art bread. I’m so glad I succeeded both of them.

Submitted on Sunday, June 28, 2020 4:07 PM


Excellent product and efficient service!These products and recipes have been a godsend!!

Submitted on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 2:38 PM


Great products!

Submitted on Monday, June 15, 2020 2:50 PM


Can you tell us why you scored us so highly?

Just because I am very excited about your product! Can’t wait to make my low carb bread 👍

Submitted on Saturday, June 6, 2020 2:50 AM


Quick and easy - website is informative and encouraging.

Submitted on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 5:21 AM


Can you tell us why you scored us so highly?

Speed and follow up.

Submitted on Saturday, May 2, 2020 3:38 AM


Items came quickly, in spite of coronavirus situation.

Submitted on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 10:05 AM


I love the flour it just tastes like proper flour and the delivery is very quick.

Submitted on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 5:12 AM


Great product, price and timely delivery

Submitted on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 1:33 AM


Love your product. I can finally eat bread ❤️

Submitted on Friday, April 17, 2020 10:16 AM


Everything arrived on time and enjoining using the flour and looking forward to getting a better balance of foods

Submitted on Monday, April 13, 2020 6:40 PM


I really loved the bread rolls I purchased from this company, they kept my blood sugar levels under control, which was really important for me as I had a craving for bread and I had Gestational diabetes. I am definitely going to be purchasing more of their products

Submitted on Sunday, April 12, 2020 9:26 PM


Can you tell us why you scored us so highly?

Great thanks

Submitted on Sunday, April 12, 2020 7:06 AM


Iam always happy n satisfied with my purchase , excellent quality

Submitted on Monday, March 30, 2020 5:09 AM


Longevity flour makes the most tastiest pastry and crumbles

Submitted on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 12:56 PM


Easy to order and parcel arrived very quickly

Submitted on Friday, October 11, 2019 3:15 AM


I am type 2 diabetic so am absolutely delighted to find a product that makes lovely bread cakes & pastry & no blood sugar spikes at all. Its wonderful to be able to eat my favourite foods again. Thank you so very much.

Submitted on Thursday, September 5, 2019 9:57 AM


The product is excellent and buying was was easy. The best part? I didn’t have to wait weeks for the product. Thank you

Submitted on Thursday, August 8, 2019 10:59 AM

December 2020 Responses


Happy that I've found an alternative that I can have in moderation on the KETO diet :-)


It makes excellent keto bread


I made pastry (low carb) exactly the same, I'm very impressed and will highly recommend and purchase again in the future.  Thank you


I am happy with fibre flour because it is low carb and I have to watch my sugar intake so I can enjoy more variety of foods.


Good quality product.


Good quality product

"I have tried several flours and recipes for bread for my husband who is diabetic, this is the only one he likes and I do too. Makes great bread and toast.

I also used the extra fine flour and sugar to bake a cake which turned out lovely, the whole family enjoyed it.

So thank you.


Fibre flour has changed my life.  I have been Keto and clean eating for 6 months and I am an avid baker so finding a flour that I can substitute for normal flour is amazing.  You will not know the difference!!


Love it with my bread maker as a very handy flour replacement that fits into my low carb lifestyle.  Once I learnt how to work with it its brilliant, and the bread comes out perfect every time.

Lovely to be able to make low carb cakes without using almond flour.  I have made the blueberry muffins and also raspberry muffins so far, with great success.


One bag arrived burst open but was quickly replaced, good customer service.


Amazing stuff!! Am currently following a low carb diet and use this to make old favourites such as pizza base that ordinarily I wouldn’t be allowed on my diet. A total game changer!!!!


Those biscuits and scones make from Fiber Flour are just heaven and as I'm on keto healthy food matters to me... using this Flour instead of almond one makes such a amazing change... love it


Just works pretty well as a wholemeal flour substitute, the downside is the price, that's horrendous but if you have the cash that's ok. I tend to blend it as a third replacement to my granary style loaf.


Been using Fiber Flour for over a year and have lost weight and have my diabetes under control


If they need low carb flour it's extremely useful.


I've had a great deal of success using it in recipe for my diabetic husband who follows a low carb diet.


"Both products (Fiberflour and Ultra-fine Fiberflour) help support sustainable weight loss by enabling customers to replicate high carbohydrate foods that have become staples in the modern diet.

In short - it works. I feel healthier than I have done for years.

I recommended the products to someone at work and they are very satisfied and will be re-ordering your products."


Great product! Doing keto and using this to make bread! Closest you can get to make great bread!


Great flour with so many added benefits!


Can enjoy, bread & pastry & baking cakes which are low carb & doesn’t spike husbands blood sugar as a diabetic.


I’ve been recommending it since I first tried it! It’s a great resource for a low carb lifestyle.


So far I am really enjoying the bread from fiberflour, my mother is now also trying and likes so far. Price is a little high but remains good in comparison with others.

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