Basic Bread Recipe

A Ketogenic take on a bakers staple


FiberFlour                500g

Water UK formula       370g

Water for US formula  400g

Salt                            8g

Yeast                         15g

Note for USA customers:

We recommend an 80% water to flour ratio for best rise and density.


  1. Put flour in mixing bowl. Add yeast. Pour warm water over the yeast and let activate for 5 minutes. When vigorously fermenting mix and knead for 5-10 minutes. While kneading add seeds if using and salt. No such thing as spoiling the dough so add more water or flour to get the right dough consistency which is when it all comes together into a firm ball.

  2. Once the dough has good elastic consistency, not too sticky and combined well it can be formed into your loaf shape of choice or a bread pan and left to rise (proof) for 45 -60 mins.

  3. Rolls can be made by dividing dough into 80-100g portions formed into well rounded balls, flatten out and leave to rise (proof) for a similar time. Bake for around 18-20 minutes at 210 degrees.


  • Seeds totally optional, whatever you fancy or no seeds at all.

  • Make it easy and use a mixer with dough hook or a bread machine on the dough setting.

  • Smaller and thinner loaf shapes allow better cooking of the middle because density and water content is higher. 

  • Put your doughs on your baking tray and put inside a thin film rubbish/garbage bag (unused naturally) place in a warm place or warming tray, when risen nicely take off the bag and place in the oven.  

  • Dough will keep refrigerated for a few days but best results are obtained with fresh dough proofed for an hour.

Nutritional Information

per 100g

Fat (mostly omega3)            6g

Carbs                              9g

Fiber                             25g

Protein                           14g