• Gerry Davies

Low Carb Diets and Increased Mortality?

So much nonsense, irresponsible press coverage and why the mischievous headline press release by Harvard academics.

There are two seriously deleterious aspects of modern diets which are irrefutable and have broad consensus without any disagreement, not even by the authors of the infamous “dietary carbohydrate and mortality” study.

1. High glycemic carbs are bad for you, but people consume way too much.

2. Fibre is good for you, but most people don’t get enough.

Just so happens that most of the food readily available and affordable are high glycemic and low fibre and make up at least 50% of food consumption.

High glycemic carbohdydrates are associated with increased all-cause mortality and the mechanisms of damage are chronic high blood sugar, fructose toxicity and chronically raised insulin levels leading to insulin resistance: fact, no dispute.

Higher fibre intake is associated with decreased cardio-vascular disease, diabetes and all-cause mortality. The mechanisms of these health benefits are becoming increasingly recognized in light of the microbiome revolution and are related to preservation of gut health, gut lining integrity, microbiota diversity, increased products of hind gut fermentation such as short chain fatty acid, vitamins B and K, polyphenols and countless other nutrients. In addition, short chain fatty acids regulate immunity and trigger hormones that reduce hunger and regulate blood sugar metabolism.


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