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Dangerous Consequences of High Fat Meals

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The adverse health consequences of habitual starch and sugar consumption and the resulting cascade of high blood sugars, insulin resistance, obesity, inflammation, etc., has rightly prompted the widespread interest in LOW CARB DIETS.

However, the LOW CARB HIGH FAT mantra can lead to some serious misunderstandings.

The popular promotion of fat bombs and pure fat meals is misguided

for several reasons:

Although the predominant energy source in a low carb or ketogenic diet will likely be from fat; it should not be interpreted to mean one should eat undiluted high fat meals. The bulk of the food eaten in these diets should be high fiber, energy poor foods with high water content, i.e. vegetables & selected fruits.

There is no downside from unlimited consumption of low carb, high fiber, energy poor foods. For instance 300g of broccoli has just 100 kcals and 8g fiber and that would slow gastric emptying and moderate the inflammatory cascade from the fat in a meal.

Take home message; Low Carb High Fiber foods better mantra than Low Cab High Fat.

, but undiluted Fat Bombs seriously bad advice.



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