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Gerry Davies
Feb 04, 2022
In Recipes
Surprisingly easy to do and turns out perfectly. For filling I used onion & cabbage sautéed with oil lots of herbs, spices, Worcester, Balsamic. Then cooked on low heat for 30 minutes until the cabbage is soft and reduced down. Lastly stir in some grated cheese. The fun part is making the dough, filling boiling them for a minute or so and frying in butter. Recipe: Ultra-fine 230g, gluten 20g, baking powder 5g, salt 4g, oil 30g, warm water 185g. Use a stand mixer. Blend all dry ingredients with paddle attachment and add the oil. Switch to your dough hook, pour in warm water and knead for 5 minutes or so. This should come together in a nice dough ball and clean the sides of the bowl. If it doesn't add some more flour until it does. Roll out half of the dough at a time not too thin. Use a 9-10cm round cutter. Place a circle of dough on a circle made with your forefinger and thumb of your left hand. Your filling should be quite dry, using a batter scoop or spoon put some filling in the middle. With you right hand push the filling down a little and stretch the edges of the dough together making sure the filling is not trapped in the seal. These little half moon pillows are dropped into boiling water and when they float (in 60-90 seconds) fished out. You can store them or freeze them until ready to fry them in butter.
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Gerry Davies

Gerry Davies

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