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Patricia Sherry
Apr 29, 2018
In Recipes
Hi everyone, very excited to say I made my first sourdough using fibreflour. After going Keto then low carb, I haven't made sourdough in about forever! If you're interested here's the recipe: 200gms mother- 100% hydration. 350gms Fibreflour & 150gms Einkorn flour. 320gms water (so overall 75% hydration) 12gms sea-salt. Mix water with mother and add to the flour mix, combining well. Leave to soak for an hour covered. After an hour, add the 12gms of salt by kneading in, or, instead of kneading, do as I do, folding the dough, quarter turns repeatedly for a few minutes. After this you have options; knead, don't knead (honestly it will still be ok), or regular folding after turning the dough by a quarter. If you opt for folding the dough, do quarter turns several times and then repeat this every 20 mins for about 2- 3 hours Keep your bowl covered by a big bag so it doesn't dry out and then refrigerate overnight. Next day (any time, sourdough is very forgiving), shape the dough and make 2 small loaves or 1 big one. I use bannetons to support the structure. Once shaped, leave out at room temp for several hours. Ensure they are covered with bag so they don't dry out. At bedtime, pop back in the fridge. Next day - turn out gently onto a floured baking tray- slash with a sharp knife and bake in a preheated oven at 220C for 10 minutes then turn down to 200C for 25 - 35 mins. Let cool before you cut. Enjoy!
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Patricia Sherry

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