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Lucia Downey
Oct 08, 2019
In Recipes
After about 5 attempts of trying to make bread in my bread maker with fine fiber flour I finally had success. I have had a bread maker for a long time its a Panasonic SD-2500 model. I used the Gluten Free Fibre Bread Mix menu. First of all I used my measure jug and put 50ml of warm water, then put 3 tsps of yeast and then covered it with sweetner, (canderel). I left it for about 15 minutes. If you do not see it interact and ferment slightly try again as you may waste a lot of flour like I did. Put the flour into bread maker first then add a little bit more sweetner if desired. Then I added 1/2 a tsp of baking powder (I don't know if it made a different but was determined to make it rise). Tsp of apple cider vinegar. 2tbsp of EVOO. I added the yeast mix and 150ml hot water from kettle. 200ml cold water. Try to cover all the flour with the water. It took 150 minutes and as soon as the breadmaker beeped I took the bread out instead of waiting on it to cool down. This made the crust less chewy. My family loved this bread as much as they did when I used to make my old recipe with heaps of sugar. I sliced the bread up with my bread slicer and froze it in individual bags so I could have one slice a day and it tastes as fresh as the day I made it.
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Lucia Downey

Lucia Downey

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