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May 10, 2021
In Recipes
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie, my name is Heather and my husband and I recently went Keto/Low carb as we're both 2/2 1/2 stone overweight and wanted to be healthier. WE've both already lost weight in 5 weeks! But I'm so made up to discover Fibreflour products and boy am I sold on them! This flour is nothing short of a miracle and I so wished I'd found it when we went Low Carb 5 weeks ago. I've wasted £s on low carb flours of every kind, and sweeteners. I've already made a superb loaf with fibre flour and those gorgeous soft rolls with Superfine Fibreflour, thanks guys. However, I notice there's no posts about Fibre Sugar itself and I'm still a little unsure about how to use the Fibre Sugar and wondered if anyone can help. I haven't actually used it in recipies because it's not very sweet at all (a bit like Inulin) and I don't know how much I should use. You'd have to use a lot of it to add sweetness if you're making, say cookies, & you need sweetness otherwise no point in making them, right? So, how much do I use? And do you need to add more liquid, eggs, butter whatever to make the texture right?? Is there a secret formula to use with this sugar as there's nothing on the pack. Honestly I've tried every single sweetener out there, including some from my American supplier - Erithritol, Xylitol, Stevia, Allulose, Monkfruit sugar, Lakanto Brown sugar, Sukrin Brown sugar, Sukrin syrup, Skinny Syrups (BIG YUK on those!!). I find the only one that doesn't taste too bad is Xylitol, but it is toxic and a killer to dogs so loath to use it with 2 collies! You name it, I've tried it and no matter what they say, they are all pretty unpleasant and leave a nasty bitter or cooling taste in the mouth! Please help! What's your experience & opinion on the best nicest tasting sugar? And can I use Fibre Sugar in recipies and how? So appreciate everyone's help. I feel I've joined a family here and I love Dr Gerry's idea of a cooking workshop.


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