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This is the first time I have ever reviewed a product and can't think of a better one to choose to do so. Nothing will ever replace wheat flour for bread, cakes, etc., but this comes oh so close. Like any product that is new to you it takes a little time to adjust to it. Making a loaf of bread using yeast gives this very low carb flour quite an authentic flavour (I just love it as straight bread/toast and butter) and the lemon drizzle cake I made is delicious. I'm informed that an ultra refined flour for making pasta is due out next week. I'll certainly be looking out for it. As far as this type 2 diabetic in remission is concerned Fiberflour is a great discovery.


I've been trying to find a low carb bread for 3 years. While I'm happy to eat seed based bread, I'll never convince my family to. I got this yesterday and made rolls which all the family love. Now it's possible to get the whole family to reduce carbohydrates, with better weight and health consequences.


This is simply an amazing product. I live a Keto life style, and this product is a lifesaver as I am not partial to coconut, or almond flour. It takes a bit to get use to it and may not be for everybody ( it has gluten, and feels like a wholemeal flour), but if you are creative baking is the most incredible product in the market ( and now they have launched a subtitute for white flour that is fantastic aswell).
I have checked my blood sugar after eating this and it is not affected, oh Joy!.
All in all, very happy about this product. Thanks.


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