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Savory Crepes

A low carb, high fiber meal


FiberFlour Ultra-Fine                120g

Eggs x 2                                   100g

Milk                                           200g

Red Onions                              2 chopped

Bacon, crispy bits                     240g

Cheese (grated Gruyere)         200g

Mixed Herbs                             5g

Yeast (optional)                        3g

Salt                                           3g


This is a very easy recipe and the result is spectacular for any pizza or flatbread lover.  You simply pour crepe/pancake batter on a griddle pan. Top the wet side with bacon, cheeds and onion.  Then finish under the grill. Yeast adds nutrition & aeration while reducing carbs, highly recommended

  1. Measure flour, eggs, milk, yeast and salt into mixing bowl.

  2. Using paddle run mixer until batter is smooth and silky.

  3. Heat griddle pan, ideally fry your bacon on the pan then use the well oiled griddle for your crepes.  Pour batter on the griddle and top with bacon bits, lots of cheese and finely chopped red onions.

  4. Transfer the pan to the grill to finish cooking, no need to flip your crepe. 

  5. That's about as easy as pie, just takes a few minutes for each crepe (pancake) and the ingredients above make 4 big ones.

Nutritional Information

per 100g of pancake batter only, not toppings

Fat                                   7g

Carbs                                7g

Fiber                               13g

Protein                            12g

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