Thin, crepe-style pancakes for Sunday low carb brunch


FiberFlour                              100g

Eggs                                        2

Milk                                         200 to 270 ml

Salt                                          2g

Yeast                                       2g optional

Baking Powder                        2g optional 

  1. Combine all of the ingredients together and whip until mix is thin and smooth
  2. Grease a non-stick pan or griddle with butter or vegetable oil
  3. Cook on high
  4. Have fun and enjoy!
  • Add blueberries or a mashed banana for a more interesting breakfast.

  • You could add half a teaspoon of yeast to produce a more bubbly mixture, I like yeast because it improves nutrition at the same time as reducing carbs.

  • This mixture makes fairly thin crepe quality pancakes. You can add more or less milk or water for your particular taste and requirements.

  • This is an ideal application for ultra-fine fiberflour, as the original blend is much more fragile for pancake recipes.

  • Keep in the fridge for a week or so, fermentation improves nutrition, yeast makes vitamins out of carbs!

Nutritional Information

per 100g

Fat                                 7g

Carbs                              7g

Fiber                              12g

Protein                            12g