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Bread Machine Tips

Your Daily Keto & Prebiotics the Easy Way

Tips for using a bread machine to make FiberFlour bread

We have had lots of questions regarding using fiberflour with bread machines.  Dan Ross (Romix Foods) has experimented with a Panasonic machine and is very pleased with his results.

It does make a difference as to the order you put your ingredients into the machine, so here are the ingredients in order first to last.

The recipe amounts used here create a roughly 500g loaf. 



  1. 220g warm water

  2. 10g butter

  3. 200g Fiberflour original oatbran & linseed

  4. 100g Ultrafine Fiberflour

  5. 5g salt

  6. 5g baking powder

  7. 10g dried yeast

  8. 1 egg


Warm water in the bottom of the tin first

Add butter (it helps it melt/mix)

Cover with all flour

Other dry ingredients on top of flour

Make a small indent in the centre of the flour, crack the small egg in it

Turn machine on...

Basic Dark crust setting on Panasonic


Dark Crust 
This is the short prove quick cycle

Nutritional Information

per 100g

Fat (mostly omega3)            6g

Carbs                              9g

Fiber                             25g

Protein                           14g

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