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Paulina Bojór
Jul 06, 2020
In Recipes
Hello, first I would like to say thank you for creating this amazing flour. Me and my partner have been on the keto diet for a 6 weeks now. We were looking for the alternative flour to bake bread, rolls etc. We are going to continue using the flour even if we are not on restricted keto in the future. We are in love with the pita breads made of Ultra fine fibre flour. I have tried making rolls with UF but without the success. Waiting for the Fibreflour to bake rolls. I have used 300g UF flour, 20g of yeast (I have noticed that they raise much better, pockets- they develop better when the pita is thinner, proving- 1,5h, baked for 10-11 mins, finished on the frying pan with olive oil, I have also added garlic powder, black pepper and olive oil.
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Paulina Bojór

Paulina Bojór

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