Fiberflour 6 Bread Rolls

Fiberflour 6 Bread Rolls


A pack of six Fiberflour multiseed bread rolls (around 110 gram each) 

Made with FiberFlour(Oat bran & linseed), yeast, water and salt. 

  • Nutritional Information

    Energy 208kcal 
    Fat 6g (omega-3 3.5g)
    Carbohydrates 9g
    Fiber 27g
    Protein 16g


    Made with oat bran, golden linseed meal, wheat gluten, resistant wheat starch (fibre), inulin (soluble prebiotic fibre), resistant polydextrin (soluble prebiotic fibre), oat fibre, wheat fibre, guar gum (soluble fibre), HPMC (soluble fibre), vitamin C (antioxidant). Allergens in bold print.

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